What does

FlyyHy do?

Manage booking emails

Forget about managing bookings through paper notes and calendars. FlyyHy is designed to capture all your booking emails from different agents and show them on one single platform. It can then help you to filter or sort your bookings on the screen to give you the most needed data in few clicks.

Get Booking Updates

Stay tuned with updates and cancellations on the bookings. FlyyHy tracks bookings to give you most recent information about any changes. You can get rid of closed or cancelled bookings and focus on the active ones. The system also helps you extract your bookings in an excel to have a copy with you whenever needed.

Print Forms

FlyyHy can help you print your forms with all the required booking and customer details directly from the system. Forget about rushing to fill out forms for your customers and enjoy using FlyyHy to support your need.

Focus on Today

FlyyHy shares with you all your bookings for today and tomorrow so that you can focus on today and prepare for the next day well in advance.

Get Insights

FlyyHy can help you observe important details through a dashboard. Save time while increasing sales and efficiency and identify what needs your attention to improve the business.

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