Eti Turkey is a major Turkish food company that was founded in 1962 by Firuz Kanatlı in Eskişehir. Items such as Crackers, cookies, cupcakes, cake, chocolate, Neapolitan wafers, baby formula and processed foods are among the types of food it produces. It is an industry pioneer for these types of food in Turkey.

ETI has 9 factories, one of which is in Romania (EU) and has total production capacity of 500.000 tons/year. The Annual turnover is over 1 billion USD It is one of the top 30 industrial companies of Turkey. Acccording to Capital magazine ETI is Turkey’s most liked biscuit and chocolate brand 2018.

ETI has a global reach and exports to countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, China, Angola, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Algeria, Sudan, UAE, Norway and UK etc.

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